Everything you need in one place

Manage your entire business on a single platform, save time and improve your decisions with complete information traceability.


Professional advice and coaching for all types of businesses


We help you apply for funds for your business


Accounting workflow, Cost tracking, Real-time reporting


Daily backups, security, accounting software and cloud services.


Total control of your company in real time.

Much more than accounting and billing software

We all know how tedious administrative tasks are, contract management, incoming and outgoing revenue, invoicing… With our accounting and digital invoicing solution you will have total control of all of them through any device, saving time and money.

Real-time report

Spend less time on administrative tasks and focus on your business.

We safeguard your information

Our tool is prepared to make a daily backup of all information.

Try it now

We make your business more competitive with intelligent tailor-made solutions, easy to use anytime anywhere.

You can access our management software from any device, so you have control of your business in your hand at all times. Our system is also multi-user i.e. it can be used by several users at the same time.

You will be interested to know …

  • It is intuitive, everything is optimized for ease of use.
  • It is flexible, we adapt to any type of company. SMEs, medium sized companies or large companies
  • We provide different level of support and helpdesk solutions for your business.
  • We provide several security level options to protect your business. Server solutions can be provided in different countries. In USA and/or off-shore. We have dedicated servers in several countries.
  • For your GDPR-adapted solution call us.

How does it work?

  • 1. Upload documents

    Easily upload any document, task, receipt or invoice.

  • 2. Cloud management

    Access all your customers’ information, manage documents and online collaboration between users to your accounting department

  • 3. Direct synchronization with your CPA

    Save time by automating management and sending all documentation to your manager.

  • 4. Approve posting

    Approve uploaded documents easily before sending your tax application.

Develop your DREAM BUSINESS!
for a better society

We are providing Coaching and digital
tools for real-timesolutions in the cloud.

Business andaccounting.

Special edition for
non-profit organizationsand Social Entrepreneurs together with Dreams Academy.


We are an international group with headquarters in Spain and more than 20 years of experience in delivering digital solutions for large companies (Swedish Government, PwC, AstraZeneca, Ericsson, LR Revision, Siemens, St. Jude Medical, etc.) and small companies in Sweden and the United States.)
Magnus Dahl

Magnus Dahl


Business development & coaching

Mikael Nolbeck

Mikael Nolbeck


Accounting expert

Carlos Mosqueda

Carlos Mosqueda

Process coach

Team and personal development

Katalin Szabó

Katalin Szabó

Quality management

Product development

Débora Apolaya

Débora Apolaya


Personal development & coaching

Luis M. Gómez

Luis M. Gómez

Web design

Web Designer

Esther Martínez

Esther Martínez


UX/UI Designer Developer


Former CEO of Fortnox, the largest cloud accounting software company in Scandinavia says: “We have benefited greatly from having strategic help and development from Magnus regarding digital document management, scanning and interpretation.”

Jens Collskog.Former CEO Fortnox

You have made me realize that you should always strive for your dream and to do everything to achieve your ideals and dreams. I´m not afraid to fail, the most important thing is that i feel good in what i do and fight for my dreams. I´m proud to know you, Magnus.

Dani Evanoff.Founder of Godisprinsen, and former Executive WP of Candy King, also founder of THe HoneComb.

What´s amazing with Magnus is that he allows you to find key answers for change within yourself.

Jesper Leifjord.Founder, world Volunteer AB

Through Dreams we were able to realize our project. Our school could not give us any qualified help.

Karwan Ali.Student 2009-2010

Thanks to the collaboration of many customers and investors in our international group of millions of euros, you can now connect to our cloud platform and enjoy our tailor-made solutions.


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